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For our clients that operate globally and provide goods or services to clients outside their home country, we offer a package that allows our clients to lower their local tax liability.

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) established in the United States is disregarded for income tax purposes.


Therefore this entity doesn’t exist when applying U.S. tax laws.


Using an LLC allows a foreign individual or company to have a U.S. bank account and legal

entity without being subject to income tax, as long as the foreign owner does not have income effectively connected with a U.S. trade or business.


Therefore, if revenues are not received by the company or individual in the home

country, income will not be reported in that country and no taxes will be due.

This is general advice that varies country by country.

So for foreign individuals or companies that do business internationally, using a US LLC will allow you to:

Lower local taxes

Operate with a U.S. company (brand awareness, access to more clients etc.)

Operate with a U.S. company (brand awareness, access to more clients etc.)

Utilize the most prominent payment processors (stripe) for online transactions

Gain access to new potential investors.

Protect money from fluctuating exchange rates

Protect money from unstable/ unfavorable governments

Grow your business

Contact us today if you would like to see how your business can benefit from using a US LLC.

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