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Eldar A. Mata, EA

Eldar Mata is a federally authorized tax practitioner admitted to practice and representing  taxpayers  in all  fifty states at all levels within  the Internal  Revenue Service.  He specializes in International Taxation,          Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution.


As an international individual himself, originally from Sevilla, Spain and having been raised Ein Vienna, Austria; it was only natural for Mr. Mata to focus on helping foreign individuals that are  looking  to expand their businesses to the United States or US citizens looking to expand their businesses overseas.

Many of his international clients have been poorly advised in the past, and with ever changing tax laws they end up in hot water with the IRS. When you manage a multinational business, it is critical to have a properly established and thorough tax plan in place.

As an Enrolled Agent, Mr. Mata has successfully represented and assisted clients in dealing  with various  taxing authorities, negotiating settlements, and helping   them throughout  the auditing process. However, it is our goal to advise new clients rom  the very  beginning  so we don’t have to resort to any Tax Dispute Resolution.  We guide  them in the right

direction   with extensive   tax   planning to remain compliant  and maximize  tax efficiency by lowering their overall effective tax rate.

If you are interested in discussing US compliance requirements or expanding your business,  Eldar would  love to hear from you. Write him at:

Eldar A. Mata, EA

Managing Partner

Low income tax expense

The IRS is powerful and the tax laws of the United States are complex. To protect our clients, we take advantage of our experience and resources to ensure that our recommendations are the best legal options available. If you are operating internationally and have not received advice from a local tax expert, it is very likely that you are subjecting your company to a high risk of double taxation and very high fines from the IRS. If you need help or personalized consultation please write us today at:

We primarily serve the following types of clients:

We help international business and investors lower their global tax liability and protect wealth with customized tax planning solutions.

Online based businesses that provide goods or services to clients outside their home country (and want to pay less taxes in their home country)

International businesses interested in expanding to, or already operating in the US

Individuals and families planning to immigrate to the US.

International investors who are holding US real estate or other investments


Our experts and lawyers in the United States work hand in hand with our strategic partners in various jurisdictions to advise on the best way to reach your goals and still comply with the laws of your home country.

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